About Us

SuzakuGG started as a Talent Management Organization, our goal is to sign and develop players that we deem as having potential when it comes to their respective games. We realize that a lot of players do not understand how to communicate with teammates, how to develop a schedule to help them perform consistently, and what they need to do to conserve their physical bodies to ensure a long career. With the goal of helping players develop said skills and much more, we created the organization in the hopes of one day having other organizations looking for rosters from our development program.

What is SuzakuGG?

Suzaku is the homophonic translation for the Vermillion Bird in Japanese Mythology. Since we didn't really think we were an Esports organization, we decided that we would rather call ourselves SuzakuGG rather than Suzaku Esports. Our motto, 灰の中甦る is the Japanese phrase of "Revive from the ashes", a characteristic of the Vermillion Bird. We wanted to tell all our players, there are times where you will be put down, but don't fret. Grow from the experience and "revive" from the ashes of what's left.